Moving The eBesucher Message Board

Опубликовано 08.08.2018 00:15 | 0 Комментарии

The implementation of the GDPR regulations has ultimately made us think about our message board. We thus decided to integrate the eBesucher message board on the eBesucher main website and deactivate the forum software. All threads and posts of the board have been transferred to

On the one hand, we regret this step, but this necessary measure is at the same time also a good opportunity to yet again take the next step forward. Since the onset of the age of social networks, the message board has become less important to our users. Furthermore, it has developed over the years and became another support and information platform that has also become vulnerable to spam and manual maintenance.

Our staff will be available for community discussions on TwitterFacebook or the eBesucher blog. Furthermore, you can also reach our support team by email

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